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Yes, original.

Reaver (reaver-wps-fork-t6x)

One of the most popular adapters that use the Atheros chipset is from Alfa. The problem is that it became too much popular, thus some chineses started to faking it. This finding was shocking for me. To verify if what you bought was counterfeited or not, you can ask Alfa directly by sending to them the MAC Address, Serial Number and other information that you could find, so they can verify it.

But it may fail, it is susceptible to "Replay Attacks", right? So you need to verify more things like shape, color, size. After that, carefully plug into a pc and check if the MAC Address and Serial number matches using ifconfig and sudo lspci -vv as root you see more details.

Installing Ubuntu Linux guest additions on a Mac OS X host in VirtualBox

Also expect many fakes on eBay and related sites; support monitor mode equivalent to promiscuous mode to capture packages; be powerful enough to inject packages into the target network. So choosing the right antenna surely will help here. Please check the article " What is the best WiFi antenna for me? One more thing: it's not because you can receive packages and see all the networks that you can inject packets.

It didn't work at all on my Ubuntu. Only worked when I used the same adapter on Kali Linux -- In hindsight the reason seems to be the kernel version. To execute aireplay you'll need aircrack-ng to be installed. Use it right from Kali instead of downloading to your own machine, although it may not enable packet injection if Kali is on a Virtual Machine at first. In case it happens, remember to use airmon-ng check kill before setting the monitor mode and install linux kernel backports.

More info on Kali docs. If it still doesn't work, try an older Kali version with an older kernel here and the older repository ; have the proper driver to work with your operating system. My adapter for example was recognized right from the start when I plugged into Ubuntu, but after a lspci -vv I noticed that it was using the driver from a prior model of this adapter, thus not making the best of it.

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Reaver Download – Hack WPS Pin WiFi Networks

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Procedure Examples

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t6x/reaver-wps-fork-t6x -

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Turla LightNeuron: One email away from remote code execution. Retrieved June 24, Retrieved September 13, National Security Think Tanks. Retrieved October 7, When spoofing your MAC address, you must set the desired address to spoof using the ifconfig utility, and additionally tell Reaver what the spoofed address is:.

The default receive timeout period is 5 seconds. This timeout period can be set manually if necessary minimum timeout period is 1 second :. The default delay period between pin attempts is 1 second. This value can be increased or decreased to any non-negative integer value. A value of zero means no delay:. Some APs will temporarily lock their WPS state, typically for five minutes or less, when "suspicious" activity is detected. By default when a locked state is detected, Reaver will check the state every seconds 5 minutes and 15 seconds and not continue brute forcing pins until the WPS state is unlocked.

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Reaver mac of the host system

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