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This is most likely a bug. It's not "our keybinding page", it merely searches the source code. Unless you're a developer, there'll be nothing useful. The term "Key binding" is being used by mpv and some Apple's Apps, like Xcode, so I think it's appropriate. Seems that you are familiar with VLC's shortcut keys and not interested in learning another keybinding set. That's fine, since most of our users are migrated from other players, and we've noticed the needs.

And that's why you can see "an entry for VLC keybindings" in the code search - It's in our development branch, but not published and deployed yet.

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Please be tolerant. But there must be some reason why I start this project from scratch and making it free and open source for no profit, especially when there exist a bunch of alternatives like VLC and Movist.

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  • It's user experience. VLC can't even perform smooth animation when you resize the window or enter fullscreen. So your opinion is valued. I'll definitely go over your suggestion and try to make it accessible for fresh users. As posted above, here's a tutorial in our wiki. Hope you'll find setting key bindings not that difficult after reading it.

    The version number now is 0. But there'll be a stable release, when we finished all these remaining stuff , after 0. You are free to use any player you like, but welcome checking it out later. We're all familiar with the term shortcut that we've been using for years. You can always fork if you like it otherwise, nothing is stopping you, of course. It's certainly not the best, but it'll have to do for now. Like when you can only afford a beater car, then slowly make repairs to improve it.

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    It may not be a comfortable or classy ride, but it'll get you where you're going even though the speedometer, headlights and heater don't work. You're literally arguing over the choice of "Key bindings" over "Shortcuts". That's all. Just want to add some technical note about the difference: In mpv, you bind a key code to an arbitrary command; in VLC, you set the shortcut key to one of some predefined operations.

    Then saagarjha suggested I go fork it myself.

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    And I pointed out that my own lack of skills is a barrier to that solution. So if anyone was being attacked here, it was me attacking myself. Please point out where I've used obscenities or vulgarities, attacked someone or otherwise been "uncivil. And I was simply trying to make the point that I think most average users are familiar with the term shortcut, not keybinding.

    So it only serves to confuse them even more as they attempt to grasp this new term.

    How to go Frame by frame in VLC – VLC

    While you may not have used obscenities or vulgarities, your tone certainly appeared argumentative. In grammar, bolded text is used to express emphasis , not purely to present it as a combative assertion. Ignore Learn more.

    Watch Star 21k Fork 1. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

    Top 15 VLC Shortcuts You Must Know

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    15 Best VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts For Using It Productively

    OS X This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. I started this thread 5 days ago because of this message posted on the IINA website: It's currently a personal project, but please feel free to contribute it by raising a issue, send a feature request or bug report on github or by email. You asked for feature requests, so there's mine and R-L-T-Y's. I knew someone was gonna say that! That's why it's designed to be toggale-able. Because everyone knows the Great Apple is infallible.

    So dev's use a keybinding to create a shortcut? How about coding skills, a lack of desire and not enough time in the day? Who's being uncivilized? But in the video player, you can also use the up and down arrows to do the same, which means you can use it even with very basic keyboards.

    Another favorite of mine is the second skip. Just tap the left or right arrows to skip backward or forward. I use it when learning to play songs on YouTube. Finally, you can always hit the Escape key to exit full-screen.

    VLC Media Player Shortcut Keys - VLC Shortcut Keys

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