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Andy K. John R. Best piece of software I own.

How to AirPlay audio

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Thanks Airfoil. Fred Wilson, avc. Jay M. It works perfectly and accomplishes exactly what it is supposed to do. What a breath of fresh air foil!

Any audio, everywhere

This download serves as both the free trial and the full version of the software. Unlock the full version by entering a license key purchased from our store. Not on Mac? Try Airfoil for Windows. Any Audio, Everywhere Stream any audio from your Mac all around your network. Any audio on your Mac can now be heard throughout your house! Play to Multiple Outputs in Sync Stream the music you love to speakers all over the house.

The tvOS operating system can then send audio earlier or later using the time offset it calculated from the Wireless Audio Sync data, thereby synchronizing audio and visual outputs. Wireless Audio Sync only needs to be performed once. If you change your TV or audio equipment, you may need to go through the steps again, as the inherent delays may have changed. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. Benjamin develops iOS apps professionally and covers Apple news and rumors for 9to5Mac.

Listen to Benjamin, every week, on the Happy Hour podcast. Check out his personal blog. Message Benjamin over email or Twitter. While a movie is playing, hold the Ok button of the Apple Remote pressed until a menu appears. Use this menu also for adjusting the output volume. Select the desired AirPlay speakers. In the past, there were some problems with this feature which should have been fixed by now so make sure to use the latest software updates. For me, this feature worked without problems if I start the movie directly from my Apple TV. Do you have any experience with a setup like this?

Why do use it? Does it work? Just leave a comment. None of your solutions did work….. Do you have another solution, or….. Looking forward hearing from you, Best wishes, Arie. I have this exact connection. I use it for listening to music from YouTube. Unfortunately I stll get a two-second audio delay. Everything is upto date software wise. Any help?

Hi, Thanks for the article. I have this setup Atv3 connected to a beamer and airplay speakers. In the Atv I configured that Airplay uses the speakers for audio. It works fine when I play a movie directly on the ATV. But when I stream a video on my macbook Air and I do screen mirroring to the Atv, the sound stays on the beamer and does not get forwarded to the airplay speakers.

Any idea how I can get that working? Hi Thomas, check your audio output routing. The easiest way is: Hold the alt key und click with your mouse on the audio icon in the top menu bar upper right corner. But the ATV does not use the configured Airplay speakers for the output. And If I go to the mentioned audio settings and choose the airplay speakers direcly, the sound gets forwarded to the Airplay speakers.

But the video stops getting played on the ATV. Hi Thomas. I experience exactly the same thing. I have the exact same problem — All my IOS devices work old and new phones and iPods, etc… , but when i mirror my mid MacBook air to the apple tv version 2, not 3 , I cannot forward the audio to my airport express which is linked 3. Any comments on the issues above, Flo?

One (Gen 2)

It happens the same to me. Any free soul knows how to solve it?

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Hi David, did you find any solution?. Works perfect as described, my wish would be get the option to delect more than one airplayspeaker as you can with OSX. I can get it to work redirecting to AirTunes and my receiver , but the output is incredibly low. Inevitably, I forget when changing to another source and will ultimately blow out my speakers. That way I can plug in my headsets to my iOS device and listen without wires. I have heard that it can be done directly from your ATV without the wireless speaker system.

KellyNYC: Have you tried the adjust the output volume like described in the article? Did u get any answers to this question? Not sure if this helps or if anyone else has a solution? I have airport express connected to an onkyo sr receiver that plays music via my stereo system. I can stream music etc no problem.

Mac mini and apple TV No sound on movies | Sonos Community

My problem however is getting sound via my speakers as well. I selected the source as suggested here and there is no difference. NB I have to use airfoil to get spotify to run via my speakers could this be the case here as well? Ok, for the sake of anyone else with the same issue. By adding a toslink cable from my apple TV to my receiver and adjusting my settings on the receiver to pick up the optical signals it works great and plays apple TV sound through my receiver attached speakers. A friend did all the original installations. So this was a good learning experience.

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