Loreal true match mac shades

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Obviously, I use different shades for winter and summer and I sometimes mix two different shades together, to get a better match.

Brown girl problems! Any other shades that should be added to the list? Please let me know in the comments below!

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Oh and if you would like to read a full review on the L. Hi I m using Maybelline fit me pls share dupes for that I want to know which mac NC will suit me. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Are you an NC42? This is for you! For further details, please check my affiliate disclosure page : Finding the right foundation shade is a struggle! Shades comparable to NC42 or NC Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I really love how my skin looks when wearing this foundation. While it gives good coverage to the skin, it still allows the skin to show through, but in a flawless way. It stays but all day, with just the usual wear down around the mouth.

Finding Your Fenty Beauty Foundation Shade

No matter what foundation I wear, I seem to get wear down around the mouth. Must be all the talking I do!! Honestly I found that this foundation still looked the same after a full days work. You can buy it online here. This has been the budget foundation I have been searching years to find. I love this foundation. Like I mean really love it. I love the finish, coverage, lasting power and the warmth it gives my face. I do however know that this is not going to be for everyone. However, considering the price point, I really think it is worth trying, because if it suits you, you really will hit the jackpot with this.

Givenchy is one of those brands that I knew about, but had never tried a single thing in their collection. I have always associated Givenchy with fashion rather than cosmetics and I had more or less ignored the cosmetics stand in Debenhams. First up to go under the microscope is the….

I am a little late to the Armani foundation party.

How many of you have tried Loreal True match and what was your shade? Please comment...

Armani are well known for having beautiful foundations and have a range of products to suit every skin type. Ranging from very pale no 2 right up to a dark With the half shades being a little more on the yellow side than the full shade.

For your eyes:

I wear 6. At this time of year, I tend to shy away from the heavier matte foundations and try to embrace my inner glow.

Since that natural inner glow is a little lacking at the moment, I have to fake it! Or at least the perfect combination for now! Originally I bought the Flawless filter in shade two and if I am honest,…. I have the shade nude, but personally it is a little too dark for my NC 25 skin tone and I have to mix it with my Body Shop lightening drops to get it to match my skin tone a little better. That product for me was Mac Pro Long wear foundation.

My Match Results

For years and years I wore and loved Pro long wear, but due to many new foundations coming into my life, I forgot all about it. That was until I went on the hunt for a foundation that I could wear for my wedding and my love affair with Pro Longwear was ignited all over again. The hunt for the Holy grail foundation is an ongoing hunt for many people and to make the hunt even harder our skin is constantly changing. Just when you find a foundation that you love, your skin begins to act up and the hunt begins all over again. I often get emails from people asking me to recommend a foundation for them.

It is probably the most asked question in the beauty world, so I decided to go to my foundation drawer, yes the hunt has been a long one so I have a drawer, and pick out my favourite foundations. There is sure to be a foundation in this…. I love the shades, plenty of pale ones!

Your Ultimate #FauxFilter Shade Comparison Guide

And a great price too. Hi Sinead! I think this foundation is great! It is not good for some skin types but for mine definitely one of the best out there. I hate everything about the new formula! Loreal why you do this to me?!? Finally got around to buying this, my everyday foundation ran out.

I have combination skin and it stayed put all day. Looks lovely on you. I have combination skin and I can literally see my skin flaking underneath it, particularly on my forehead. It gets such good reviews. Glad you liked it. Foundation is such a hit and miss thing. What I love might be someone else most hated and vice versa. I have the old version of it in the color w4, the problem with this foundation is that it emphasizes pores, fine lines esp around your mouth and it clings to dry patches the only good thing is the color range. I honestly have serious love for this the Loreal True match.

It is a little more expensive than most budget foundations but in my eyes if it suits your skin, it is worth every cent. There is a full review here. Hey Sinead, this is also my go to foundation! Great wear during the day and it does fairly well during the Perth summers! It has an spf in it though which gives the dreaded white face in photos.

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