Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac

Add music to iPhone, iPod, iPad on the go

By DCharokei , 2 months ago. Insanely better than itunes. CopyTrans Manager Loads faster and syncs faster than itunes. By Prem , 2 months ago. At least for copytrans manager Music it is an excellent option for those who travel a lot and don't always have their office computer to put music on the phone.

As for the other programs I think they are a bit expensive but that's another subject Congrats on copytrans manager, definitely reccomend! Published 3 months ago. By emmanuel , 3 months ago. I've spent hours this weekend fighting with iTunes on my PC and this program just solved the problem in 15 minutes. Thank you for creating such an easy-to-use, efficient program to interface my iphone with my PC. By Jessica , 3 months ago. Add iPhone music, videos and movies, podcasts, ringtones and more. Create and edit iPod playlists. Edit song ratings, track title, album, artist info and lyrics.

CopyTrans Manager is renowned as a secure and stable application that is, like all other CopyTrans programs, free from ad, spy or malware. User feedback.

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By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. Learn more. Add music and videos Edit song titles and artwork Manage iPhone playlists. Manage iPhone or iPod playlists Create new playlists or edit already existing iPhone playlists with ease. Get your hands on CopyTrans Manager… … the free, lightweight and powerful iTunes alternative By the way, we continuously update CopyTrans Manager and add new features too. Just download the latest version and try it out. What people say about CopyTrans Manager This app is very easy to use and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Use the iTunes iOS App

Published 2 weeks ago By Maurice H , 2 weeks ago. Published 2 months ago By DCharokei , 2 months ago. There are versions available for Windows and Mac. You don't need to convert or sync your media anymore. Just drag and drop.

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WALTR is fast and simple in use, makes your life to be easier. Give it a try! Nice post, big thank to the author! I think it deserves to be accepted into your list!: Plus to both of you, guys. And it worked with any format. Strogly recommend it. I didn't use the 6 apps the article introduces. These ways of syncing music to iphone without iTunes are really worth for transferring music from iphone, being easy to use because of its intuitive interface but what about contacts, SMS, emails of iphone or what to do when they have to be synced.

11 • Récupérer la musique d'un iPhone / iPod / iPad sans iTunes • Mac (tutoriel vidéo)

I'd also like to recommend this iTunes alternative , I always use it to upload songs and videos to iPhone. ShareTunes just changed my life! It seems like such a simple program and it works so perfect! Thank you! Is anyone else tired of hearing the Apple maniacs pretend not to understand why we don't want to use iTunes? No one is that stupid.

Comment transférer la musique PC vers iPod sans iTunes

They are just stubborn and I'm so tired of hearing their BS. It's all good now though.

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I can finally control the music going onto and off of my iPhone without iTunes deleting my personal collection. Be aware. I wasn't able to get pwnplayer running on 3. I luckily already had iTunes when I purchased my iPhone. I can just imagine how much of a hassle it would have been if this article was never written.

Really informative stuff. Here is the step by step guide shows dvd-video-soft. Quick update: This article needs a major upgrade! This is already out of date - worthless in the current scheme of iPhone 3GS and 3. Don't listen to all this copytrans spam. You can't transfer music to your 3. It can only play and copy music to your computer CopyTrans Manager, works perfectly.

Ensure to load klite before trying to play video. Should already have it installed but you know.

Syncios: Transfert gratuit de l'iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch vers PC, Transfert de téléphone à téléphone

Works great so far. I have an iphone 3GS. I have no idea how to get songs onto my iphone and I refuse to use itunes. What program can I use? Please help. After transfering about a hundred files, it will only add one file at a time, but is still free. Also you can try "iPhonebrowser" Good luck. Songbird isn't much good because it doesn't do album art. Thumbs up for Sharepod though, it's great!

I have seen it's like a mini computer really, itunes slows my computer down to a crawl and software unlocked iphones can cause your phone to brick if you dont know what you are doing LOL Pretty useless info, me being a Linux user. Just a repeat from other articles. Did you just copy and paste this info? I use CopyTrans Manager with my iPhone. I think the interface and the usability are much better as Sharepod. I will try MediaMonkey and Winamp in a couple of day, but I think they are not a very good solution for people who want to use a light iPod manager. Better than gtkPod in my opinion because it's coupled with an app that useful for something besides syncing the ipod.

This article does suck. He mentioned Amarok, and said that only the old version can sync to iphone and not the new one. Odd that you preface the article with a moan about there being little in the way of offerings for Linux users, and so of the 6 solutions proposed, 1 is specifically for Linux and is afforded less real estate than any of the others, 1 is for any platform but requires jailbreaking, and all 4 of the remaining ones are for Windows? This article should be replaced with an instruction to run a search on Google: Of course, you could always buy an mp3 player from a company that isn't obsessed with stifling creativity and consumer rights with soul-sucking DRM and built-in platform dependence.

My Android phone works with every computer I plug it into, so long as it supports plugging a thumb drive in. This article is misleading and full of teh suckness. It starts out by talking about linux users who can't sync, but then talks about 4 windows only apps 2 of which don't work , 1 any platform as long as its an iphone , and 1 linux app but you have to be "geeky and advantageous enough". Older version, for KDE 3, handles iPods like so: The current version, for KDE 4, is described here: There are some problems that arise from time to time as Apple introduces new models, but these are normally fixed quite rapidly:.

Winamp work with iPhone provided you install the ml-ipod plugin. You can find more information at http: There is always a virtual iPhone like Interactive iPhone. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?

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synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac
Synchroniser son iphone sans itunes mac

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