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Unfortunately, Singaporean ISPs have started taking stern actions against various torrent sites following orders from Singapore High Court. As a result, you may anticipate issues while downloading your preferred media content in Singapore. However, not all the things are lost. Yes, you have read it correctly. Through our guide on torrent sites for Mac, you can accomplish your media-streaming objective trouble-free.

9 Torrent Sites for Mac in 12222

Still, you should not undervalue the role of a VPN when it comes to securing your online privacy. This way, you can negotiate various issues like DMCA notices and copyright trolls in the right direction.

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If you want to keep your online privacy protected all the times, explore our Mac VPN list. Luckily, the scope of torrenting is increasing at a rapid pace day by day. As a result, you will find mac torrenting sites users in huge numbers. Interestingly, you can explore various Mac torrenting sites that allow you to watch your favorite media content hassle-free. Secondly, these sites may be region blocked and you might need a proxy or a VPN to access it, use the best VPN for torrenting.

Piratebay is another torrenting site you can use on your Mac devices from anywhere. The site allows you to explore your desired torrent files based on different categories. These categories are audio, video, applications, games and others. If you want to watch your favorite TV shows on your Mac devices, you should try out Piratebay. Furthermore, you can find out your preferred torrents according to your own demands.

Demonoid has been serving up torrents since and is still going strong. This is a closed community that requires an invite for those who want to join from an existing member. Movies and television series with a RARBG tag can be often seen on other torrent indexes, which means you go to this tracker for the most fresh content. The website was founded in and is currently on the rise.

It has around , torrents available for free for about , users. Next one on the list of resources for torrent Mac content is IsoHunt. Same familiar interface, categories and even same loyal users. The old version was among the most popular torrent search resources with thousands of files being added every day.

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  • 9 Torrent Sites for Mac in 12222 to Accomplish your Streaming Desires.
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The new IsoHunt. Torrentz2 is a substitute for the Torrentz. Unlike the previous websites on the list, this one was not a torrent directory and tracker. It actually redirected visitors to around 32 million other active torrent trackers from ,, pages on 26 domains. Kind of like Google. The new search engine is openly stating that it is not related to the original Torrentz.

Best 10 Safe and Verified Torrent Sites for Content Download-

It rather positions itself as the new and improved resource, offering search through over 60 different torrent sites. Originally located on. TorrentFunk is the best place for geeks looking for verified torrent content. It offers files that are trusted by other downloaders and are free from malware and viruses. Now its back with a wonderful redesign. You can find all sorts of torrents here but its good for the movies and software. You can use either the search feature of the website or browse through categories as well. The search feature is not that effective as we speak.

Most of the ads on the website can be avoided using the ad-blockers but the few remains. These are mostly found on the download page of the torrent you wish to download. And guess what, they appear as the Download buttons and look very familiar to the design of the website. This website is as simple as its name sounds. Started in , and still surviving regardless of multiple tries by the law ensuring agencies to take it down. This website serves a lot of ads. But still, it is advised to use the ad-blockers because you can prevent around eighty percent of them using it.

9 Torrent Sites for Mac in 2018

If you failed to access this website on your network. There are few proxies of this website as well. This is quite an old name in the torrent business and serving the torrents for more than a decade. This website is famous for the movies torrents and software. Operating Systems including Windows 7 is most downloaded software on this website. Browsing this website is quite easy but not downloading the torrents especially for those who are using this website for the first time.

The torrent download button is accompanied by the ads on its both sides. So, it becomes tricky to click on the right button. You can hover over the button to find the right one. Along with the torrents, this website is also quite useful for reading the torrent-related news. The news is fetched from different sources but mostly from the Torrent Freak torrent-exclusive news website. Zooqle is just like the Google to torrent the movies. Not only movies but the TV Series are also available here to download. Everything is organized very beautifully.

Best Torrent Sites for macOS 12222

They verify each torrent before making it available to download for other users. Movies are available to download in , and even in 3D. The torrent is quite simple. Ads on this website can be easily avoided using the ad-blocker extensions. It is also recommended to use the VPN as well. This is primarily a torrent finer for the movies only. You just need to write the movie name in the search bar and it will give you the results based on your query.

There is nothing much special about this website. So, this you are making a torrent-specific Google Search. Design and User Interface of this website is also just average.

This website advises you to use the VPNs to avoid any privacy issues. The website also accepts DMCA although it is not serving any torrents by themselves. Go to this website if nothing else is working. The offline version of The Pirate Bay is quite amazing and wonderful torrenting download website. OfflineBay comes as the best alternative to the users of TPB. This is an offline version of Pirate Bay that you can download on any operating system including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This software is not a complete torrent site but an offline cache of the original website.

This software is developed using NodeJS and its open source to allow other developers around the globe to contribute. Bobtor has managed to find a place in our list as it has rightfully made its way into one of the most popular and best movie torrenting sites around. It has a website interface that is very impressively designed in terms of functionality and appearance. There are hundreds of sites available on the Internet to download torrents. It works simply as Google does theoretically. This shrinks the list of your favorite torrent website to few torrent search sites.

Torrents are nothing but files of a few kilobytes without a torrent client installed on your computer. To get the actual files you want on your local storage, you will require some of the best torrent clients for a various number of supported operating systems. Luckily for you, we recently covered a list of the 10 popular free torrent software for three popular platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For added measure, we have also included some terrific free torrent clients that support Android, because you never know when people want to move this storage to their phones. Best Torrent Download Clients. Most of you might not be aware of this but there has been a sudden increase in activity when it comes to law enforcement authorities on the shutting down of torrent download sites and arresting perpetrators. Most countries are already dealing with so many problems that they cannot invest the time, money and effort to curb torrent-downloading activities but developed countries are where such laws are quite strict.

best music torrent sites for mac Best music torrent sites for mac
best music torrent sites for mac Best music torrent sites for mac
best music torrent sites for mac Best music torrent sites for mac
best music torrent sites for mac Best music torrent sites for mac
best music torrent sites for mac Best music torrent sites for mac
best music torrent sites for mac Best music torrent sites for mac

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