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One program required later, so it's on a Sierra volume.

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Macs are nice because multi-boot is easy. What you run on one volume can get files from, and send files to, another volume. Whose editing work requires such frequent back and forth between programs that it's impractical when they don't all run on one volume? So instead of fretting about being crippled by an upgrade, clone your known-to-work system and apply a modest OS upgrade to just that clone.

If and when you're sure everything works on the new OS, you can erase the old system.

Apple Final Cut Pro 7 HD Studio 3 UPGRADE Box Complete with SERIAL NUMBER

Otherwise keep the old system for what needs it. You can proceed to clone the new system and take another modest OS upgrade step, as before, etc. Cloning requires no more than Disk Utility plus a defragger if you're making small volumes. Modest upgrade steps require that you have available the various OSX installers. These can either upgrade the OS, new over old, or install the new one afresh. Upgrading new over old takes time, but no effort. A downside however is that FCP7 among other programs might not work well after such an upgrade, although they might work well if they were freshly installed on that new OS.

Freshly installing FCP7 alone takes little effort. Digital Rebellion's free Preference Manager is a godsend. However, if you've lots of plugins the fresh install is more work. Added wrinkle. Besides software, hardware might require a later operating system. Michael Horton. Excellent post Dennis.

Michael Horton Reply Quote. Thanks so much for your detailed reply. DVD is our core business. Reply Quote. Loren Miller. I second Dennis' post as POW. Using the same double boot system, OS X I've lost a few games that resided on my But the second partition is always one of the most recent. I just upgraded that volume to El Cap. That enables it. To sound like the the only constraint is to keep the attack well under 4 on the Distressors - their attack can go much longer than the Now you will find that the unit has a new attitude!

The attack and release will generally be more aggressive and the unit will get in and out of the way very quickly. Interestingly, the unit will be slightly less colored when not compressing. Use this ratio to "skim" peaks. This means that most of the time it may not be doing anything, but when it does "hit" the signal, it will smoothly push back the signal and then get right out of the way again.

If you are hitting the Gain Reduction all the time with the British mode on, you are going to be really "squashing" the signal. When not working it is very transparent, but when a vocal pops out and hits the compression, the British mode will get in and out of there quickly and smoothly. When you are really compressing a lot, breaths and background noises will become very loud pushed up.

There is not much you can do with this except gate before compression maybe or, mute or erase the noises and breaths out that you don't want to hear. Remember that breaths are natural and can add a lot of excitement sometimes, so don't gate or erase them by default.

If you can, back up a vocal track before you start trying to punch out breaths and noises etc. For those who have come to love and depend on the sound of the Distressor, the new British mode turns it into a new fun loving animal. At the flick of a switch, the Distressor becomes more aggressive and stressful on any instrument you desire.

Both are major enhancements to the Distressor, the British sound being a kind of hard drug! Contact Empirical Labs directly for info and scheduling. This is one of the most common areas of questions we get: "How do you use two Distressors in Stereo? First, lets clarify something, there is not a stereo Distressor at this time - it is a "stereo pair", or two Distressors. Usually these are shipped together and are consecutive serial numbers, although any two Distressors should work just fine together.

Faster Decompression Speed

Using a calibration tone such as 1 Khz into both channels can help ensure level and G. However, unlike most units, the user has the option to treat the left and right channels differently. An example of this may be when one channel has a heavy low frequency source such as a tom drum that is causing both sides to pump. You could put the side without the L. Sometimes for room mics, keeping the units unlinked actually makes them sound more stereo.

This is due to unique left and right ambient envelopes widening the stereo image. This requires a hardware change at the factory. Once installed, you have three methods of linking. The type of distortion the Distressor produces isn't supposed to be heavy guitar amp type distortion. Whereas today, a 30 cent op amp IC today can get. However, the old tube and Class A transistor distortion often had this pleasing "bite" or urgency to it. Our goal with the distortion circuits in the Distressor, was to allow the user to recover some of this vintage "bite".

There are ways however to make the distortion more obvious. First, slowing up the attack will let the peaks hit harder and soften the compression, allowing hotter operating levels around the distortion generators. Quickening the release can sometimes do the same thing since it "sucks" up the signal back to hot levels after it is done compressing a signal. Lil Freq. EL Proto Notable Users. Reactions: G4fanboy , YaBe and eastone. AphoticD said:.

Can you edit this thread as a wiki post and we can all contribute like the on the other version specific threads? Reactions: AphoticD. Dec 4, I have added the notes for installing on sub MHz G4 systems, all Apple updates for Leopard and changed existing links to the English language versions , and some more applications. Reactions: G4fanboy , amagichnich , AphoticD and 1 other person. Excellent work people! I've just added references to Leopard Assist and Monolingual. Reactions: G4fanboy and YaBe.

May 28, Added TorBrowser 3. Leopard compatibles apps are so many, we'll have to tidy by themes Reactions: G4fanboy and AphoticD. Added a massive dump of apps and their latest working versions which I found on my Leopard Macs - organized into categories. Download links to come for non-commercial products where possible Reactions: G4fanboy , galgot and YaBe.

What I like about seeing this particular compilation of apps is that it is a reminder of just how much great software we have on Leopard PowerPC. It can be very easy to see an old Mac as useless when you have no third party software installed and all of the modern software stores, services and vendors have deleted any references to PowerPC compatibility But just look at this list of amazing apps!

And there is much, much more out there. Once we get all the links in, this thread could be a great resource. But we are still depending on each vendor to keep their download links active Without all this great software and more our platform becomes completely redundant So if anything we must become the curating archivists of our own platform, because nobody else cares!

Reactions: zmp and G4fanboy. I would be willing to use my hosting to mantain copies of that, if that is legal and or allowed, I would guess as many app would require a serial wich I would not be giving anyway My current main machine is a G5 so I know wery well they are not useless machines, I have an iPad Pro for internet and few apps, but my main work is done on the G5!

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Apr 6, Napoli, city of sun and pizza! Also added in "Theming and customization" Transbar, which provides a transparent menu bar effect on macs which doesn't support Core Image.

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