Mac miller london 10 june

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To celebrate the release, Mac Miller will play a special intimate oneoff show. Mac miller london 10 june French Montana born Karim Kharbouch was born in Rabat, Morocco, but just in case youre thinking that might mean that hes a different breed of rapper to the lavishliving materialists that have dominated the scene for the past decade or so, its probably worth pointing out that he has his own record label, and its called Cocaine City Records.

Rating: 4.

John Mayer Small Worlds (Mac Miller Cover) HD - Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life

It was sold-out and I interviewed Mac before the show. He was so enthusiastic, down to earth, humble and funny; a great person as well as an amazing artist.

Mac miller london 10 june

During his career, Mac did two freestyles for me at 1Xtra - one in May and another in June Then during the second freestyle, he rapped for nearly eight minutes. I think the second one was my favourite of the two. Amazing moments like that are why I first got into hip hop. Mac and I stayed in touch over the years. He always reached out whenever he was in the country, regardless of whether he was promoting an album or not. I guess you could say that we became friends.

Mac Miller and Vince Staples Grew Into Their Own on ‘Stolen Youth’

Everyone who ever met Mac has a great Mac Miller story to tell. We were at a festival in Switzerland and Mac was backstage. At the time, I was always on standby to do interviews.

When we get back to London, we can do an interview and a freestyle then. I feel as an artist, Mac grew over the course of his career.

He definitely developed in terms of his musicianship, he was playing different instruments and working with notable musicians during the last few years. I find the vogue theater in Vancouver is not great sound wise if you are in the above seating area, and that's where I wanted to be on that night for this show due to beginning statement of mine. I did not really enjoy mac millers show as much as I hoped I would. Unfortunately for him his catalog is now quite large and for him to give his audience a nice variety of it every show is going to be hard.

I would have preferred to hear some songs besides lucky ass bitch, loud, and nikes from macadelic and kids. I have not spent much time listening to both his new projects which is probably why I didn't enjoy it really. Overall Mac was actually pretty good, I would like if the backing instrumentals were a bit quieter so the audience could him better but apparently everyone these days is deaf or on enough alcohol and drugs to not care.

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Malcolm James McCormick may only be 23 years old but he is fast becoming one of the most exciting names in hip-hop. Having broke from beneath the radar in with his debut 'Blue Slide Park' which topped the charts in his homeland of the States was a huge moment for him yet a good amount of his following knew about Miller from the exciting mix tapes he had been releasing on the underground circuit.

He performs a varied set that does not only rely on the two full lengths, although these tracks are well received by the audience. It is clear that Mac Miller really wants to demonstrate that there is substance behind the hype that surrounds his career. By the approving cheers from the crowd I think he has successfully proven that this evening.

The night had finally come and I could hardly contain my excitement. After what seemed like forever he finally came out. He sang only about 5 songs before the show was over.

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I wasn't ready for it to be over. When he was out he rocked it, but he seemed rushed to get the show over and be done. That was a little disappointing for sure. But will that stop me from going to see him again? Most likely not. I just hope that next time he'll perform a little longer. He's an amazing artist. I have one bad thing to say about Mac Miller live, it was not long enough. Mac killed it on stage and mixed in just enough of his old tracks with his new album, "The Divine Feminine" to keep the crowd buzzing the entire time. The music itself was awesome and the experience felt like Mac really spent a lot of time working to get the show feeling like it did.

It was truly a prefromance, he did old songs, new songs, sad songs, love songs, happy sad songs. He covered everything and gave it his all! He said the last song so I left about half way through to miss traffic and I heard him preform TWO more songs!

Mac Miller Sells Out Intimate London Gig With Live Band | MTV UK

Take about a crowd pleaser! If my boyfriend would of let me, I would of ran back to catch the ending! Insane show! Mac performed flawless and really knew how to animate the crowd.

“Definitive” Mac Miller documentary halted by rapper’s estate

He really interacted with the crowd, at some time he just started singing the Star Wars theme and everybody joined in, it was really fun. Would recommend everybody to go to a Mac Miller show if you get the chance! I would definatly go again. I'm a fan of Mac Miller since all these first mixtape, I was going many concert, hoping one day to talk to her, laughing with her, ect.. And that night, at Trianon at Paris, I could realize my childhood dream, and it's the most Wonderful Evening of my life, meet his idol is a thing I want is anyone!

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