Adding memory to mac pro 2013

Mac Pro Memory for Model 6.1

STELA will test your mettle.

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Skip to main content. Forums Shop Toggle Search. Specifications Buying memory Installing memory Final comments Specifications Mac Pros have pretty stringent specification requirements when it comes to memory modules as opposed to a PC based system.

Mac Pro: All-New Design in Fall

Buying memory You can get deals on eBay for memory modules of various capacity that can function in your Mac Pro. Installing memory The pre Mac Pros are very friendly to the end user for the ease of access and latch system that the components are installed with.

Removing memory modules Shutdown the Mac Pro. Unplug the power connector.

Lift the side panel hatch lever. Remove the side panel. Depress the CPU tray latches.

Removing and installing memory

Pull out the CPU tray. Place the tray on a non-static surface. Dress the tabs on each side of a memory module you want to remove. Carefully lift remove the memory module and place it in a static bag for storage.

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Adding memory modules Line up the pins on the bottom of the memory module with the memory slot. Note that there exists a notch in the module so that the memory can only be inserted in one way. Gently hold the DIMM ends and insert it into the slot. Ensure horizontal alignment of the DIMM prior to applying any force. Part 4: Reinstall the enclosure Carefully lower the enclosure over the Mac Pro being careful not to touch any of the circuit boards.

Should I update my RAM?

You may need to gently push down on the enclosure in order for it to seat fully. Once the enclosure is fully seated, slide the enclosure latch to the left to lock it. If the enclosure latch does not move all of the way to the left, verify that the enclosure is properly installed and fully seated, then try again.

You are now ready to connect a power cord, display, and other peripherals. Power on your Mac Pro and verify that your system is operating properly.

Mac Pro Memory RAM

Memory verification To be sure that you correctly installed the memory and that it's recognized by the Mac Pro, follow these steps. Click More Info. A window with general information about your Mac will appear.

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Click the System Report button to bring up more detailed information on the memory installed in the computer. Further, users purchasing third party memory get to keep the existing 12 or 16GB kit that shipped with the Mac Pro. While the market for reselling this memory may currently be small, an extra set of DIMMs could still come in handy for troubleshooting or future upgrades.

How to install memory in a Mac Pro

With a simple installation process and huge cost savings, going with a reliable third party is a no-brainer. Both Crucial and OWC are excellent companies with a strong history of quality and reliability. Either way, though, your Mac Pro will thank you for the extra memory, and some workflows will enjoy a nice performance boost.

The downside, however, is that these denser modules are only rated for PC3— MHz.

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